Life By The Words Mission Statement








For the child who grows hungry in our local and surrounding areas. For the person who is on the verge of suicide because they cannot take much more pain of this harsh and oft' unkind world.  To you, the divorced Dad who feels there is no hope of having a good relationship with your children because of a broken marriage. To you, the business person whose dreams are dwindling away because of tough times and a hard economy.  For the child whose been emotionally hurt by unkind words and actions of some of your classmates. And for the parents who love you and do not know what to do anymore and need prayer. And for all who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior. And for many others who struggle with addiction and low self esteem. We want you to know that Life By Word Ministries is here for you. Sure we are not the end all, be all to solve your problems. Only God is that.  We are humble enough to realize that. But through our website and our videos, our Christian books and prayer request lines, we feel we can make a positive infuence in other people's lives. Life ByThe Word wants to bring the Word of God back to America. Our great country is hurting right now. Families, marriages and children are hurting right now, right here in the United States. This is no secret. Our Motto here is called Winning one person, one soul, one life at a time back for the Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe, our on-line books will inspire you. Maybe, our daily scriptures on our website will encourage you. And just maybe you just need to have someone pray for you and you'll send in a prayer request for God to meet your need. Just knowing someone is praying for you or a loved one brings great comfort. We here at Life ByThe Word are here for you. We love the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. And we want to pass on the message of Salvation to all who desire to listen. We hope you enjoy the books that are on our site. May they make you laugh, smile and cry and feel again. But most importantly may they help you have a better relationship with our Father In Heaven and the Great Lord Jesus Christ. ! That is their true motives as well as it is for our ministry.  God is not forgotten here at Life ByThe Word. He is Glorified as the Almighty. The Creator of the Universe. The Lord Jesus Christ. ! Please join us our friends. In bringing God and His Word back to America. ! I hope you enjoy the website.  May it bring you closer to the Great Lord and Saviour . The One and Only , Jesus Christ.    In Jesus Might Name we pray for His Blessing on you and this Ministry and all who support Life ByThe Word Ministries.  Thank you very much and God Bless. !










                                                                                                                             Christian Author ,  Al Petrecca Jr.




                                                                                                                             Keith Goodling